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Contact: Lin Kerr
41 Limetrees
OX11 0HY
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1235 833 119

  Lin Kerr was born in South Africa and relocated to the United Kingdom in 1998. She has a degree in Fine Arts, a teaching diploma and began calligraphy in 1985.

Lin Kerr's main interests as a lettering artist lies in exploring the beauty of the letter through various media, with a particular interest in abstract work. She has worked with her own hand-made paper, gold, vellum and textiles. She produces hand-crafted books and mixed media pieces, and is equally at home in oil paints, acrylic and watercolours.

Thematically Lin has worked with African imagery in pieces such as The Land and Sikelela and more recently in designs developing "an African style of lettering" such as the 2007 designs for lettercarvers in the iletters project.

Her interest in structure can be seen in the recurrent Kimono theme. The kimono is interpreted as a number of rectangles and pattern has been explored alongside a theme of traditional feminine roles.

An interest in geometry and mathematics led to the Pythagoras pieces; Pythagoras QED gained second place in the international biennale lettering competition in Belgium in 2004. The mathematical quest is continued in the Labyrinth series.

She says: "Tension and Freedom – this is what I love about the potential of letters in art. For me, lettering is about orchestrating words so that they develop a life of their own."