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  Ongoing Workshops

Ever get tired of all those beautiful little blank books? Make books with content, following themes and gaining an enriched artistic experience.

Open Books Inc. London
The London Open Books group meets regularly and will be holding an exhibtion of handmade books and photographs,Open Books Inc. Inks Again.
Friday 29 October 6:30pm – 9pm & Saturday 30 October 2010 2pm – 5pm
Near Kew Gardens, London. For more details, email Lin Kerr.

Open Books Inc. Oxfordshire
This group meets on the second Wednesday of most months from 10am 4pm, with about eight meetings per year.
Level: Beginners & Intermediate

Open Studio - One to One
Lin opens her studio on a one-to-one basis or for 2-3 people to teach techniques, chat about personal artistic / calligraphic directions or help with a specific project, such as...

  • “I want to do my son's wedding invitations myself, but I don't know where to start"
  • "I'd love to learn how to work with watercolour in my calligraphy"
  • "It would be so nice to chat about my experimental ideas and check their viability with someone else”
  • “I’d like some private tuition in Photoshop to use in calligraphy”
  • “I have to do a family tree and would like to do the layout digitally to save time, before writing it in calligraphy”

Workshop Gallery


To enrol for any of these workshops or get more information on the courses, e-mail or phone 01235 833 119. You can secure your place with a £10 deposit, payable on-line or by cheque.