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Workshops are run at Limetrees Studio in Chilton, Oxfordshire, and can cater for 6-10 students depending on the workshop. It is best to book as soon as possible to ensure a place on these courses.


Art in Action - Lin demonstratingArt in Action
Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 July 2010
Lin will be demonstrating at her stand in the Calligraphy Tent. Demonstrations include: Calligraphy, layering, monoprinting, working with photographic imagery. Cards & giclees will be for sale. No booking necessary; find out more at

26 Soldiers26 Soldiers
Friday 25 – Sunday 27 February 2011
We look at how to create a personal alphabet design by analysing the lettering and rhythms by Joachim Burgert and Ben Shahn. We then extrapolate what we have learnt from snippets of other modern alphabets, exploring monoline with a Speedball B-series nib and a pointed pen. We consider alternative spacing such as stacked and interlocking letters and polyrhythms.
Intermediate to advanced.
Cinque Port Scribes in Hastings. For more info, e-mail

Festival of Calligraphy
21st - 26th August 2010, Warwickshire Leamington Spa, book at

Postcards from the edgeFestival of Calligraphy Session 1: Postcards from the Edge
What if you went on holiday with only the basics of your calligraphy equipment and a box of watercolours? We will use stacked texts, your own handwriting, calligraphy and interesting backgrounds, to create a series of postcards. These will have an edge to them in that they will have unusual layouts and designs. Start collecting some interesting stamps and art quotations for our central theme which will enable us to hone in on line, shape, tone, texture and colour. Working with accessible watercolour techniques, you will end up with a series of mini-masterpieces!

Painting words and writing picturesFestival of Calligraphy Session 2: Painting Words and Writing Pictures Workshop Gallery
If you can do calligraphy, you can draw! Learning how to look, and enabling the right side of the brain can awaken drawing skills. We will produce some exciting finished pieces of work combining monoline calligraphy and drawing using interesting tools, ink droppers, sticks and ink. The less experience you have with drawing, the more you will enjoy this workshop! This workshop is fully subscribed, but there may be cancellations.


2010 – 2011
Find a new lettering vocabulary by studying modern masters. These courses can be taken individually or in sequence.

So far we have studied...

  • The Art of Hans Joachim Burgert
  • The Art of Tom Phillips
  • The Art of Ben Shahn

Still to come:

  • The Art of Neugebauer
  • The Words of Ronald Searle
  • The Words of Ralph Steadman
  • The Words of Miro
  • The Words of Klee

Just add lettersJust Add Letters
Saturday 4 September 2010 (1 day)
An introduction to adding words without going the edged pen route! Beginning with sticks, pointed nibs, metal stamps etc.

The art of Jans Joachim BurgertThe Art of Hans Joachim Burgert (back by special request)
Saturday 9 October 2010 (1 day)
We will peruse Hans-Joachim Burgert’s Limited Edition Books and his combination of lettering and illustration, experimenting with monoline stacked lettering using a pointed pen and a round nibbed pen.

The art of Hermann KilianThe Art of Hermann Kilian
Saturday 7 November 2010 (1 day)
Kilian's work is epitomised by classical simplicity with an underlying tension within every letter. Beginning with classical forms then moving on to modernising these, using ligatures, reversals and other capital forms, we will create a piece of work in graphite.

The Art of Adolf BerndThe Art of Adolf Bernd
Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 November 2010 (weekend)
Adolf Berndt combined crisp modern letter forms with decorative elements from illuminated initials. Using masking fluid and water colours the outcome was a fresh, very individualised result. We will study his artwork and techniques and work out a way of producing something inspired by this great artist. We will include touches of gold!

The Words of MatisseThe Words of Matisse
Saturday 29 January 2011 (1 day)
Towards the end of his life, Matisse used letters in his fabulous cut-paper art. We will examine the context of his word usage and see how we can create something with a similar “feel”

The Art of Ben ShahnThe Art of Ben Shahn (back by special request)
Saturday 19 February 2011 (1 day)
Ben Shahn used letter design, words and images to communicate his spiritual and political beliefs. His lettering ranges from stark and naive to whimsical. We will explore the "essence" of Ben Shahn's style and produce a piece of work with a theme of musical instruments and notes.



Saturday 18 September 2010 (1 day)
On this workshop, we will use photos, scanned objects and words / poetry in calligraphy or stamped letters to create a cohesive piece of work. People are encouraged to bring their own ideas.


Time: 10am – 4pm. Refreshments supplied. Materials: mostly bring your own; sometimes a nominal materials fee.. Level: Usually beginners and intermediate. Prices: One-day workshops: £45.00. includes refreshments. Two-day workshops: £95.00 refreshments includes lunch and refreshments. B&B list supplied. Booking: e-mail or phone 01235 833 119 and pay £10 deposit on-line or by cheque.



Time: 10am – 4pm. Refreshments supplied
Materials: mostly bring your own; sometimes a nominal materials fee..
Level: Usually beginners and intermediate.
Prices: One-day workshops: £45.00. includes refreshments
Two-day workshops: £95.00 refreshments includes lunch and refreshments. B&B list supplied
Booking: e-mail or phone 01235 833 119 and pay £10 deposit on-line or by cheque.